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Booklets on basics of salaah and fasting released by DU Centre

Booklets on basics of salaah and fasting released by DU Centre
April 30, 2021
April 30, 2021 April 30, 2021

WE live in a time of speed and haste. Ramadaan is a month that offers us a few additional moments for reflection, contemplation and learning. Still, we find ourselves looking for faster ways of assimilating knowledge.

The Basics is a series of booklets, written by Shaikh Ismail Londt, which contain all the key information regarding the most important aspects of Islam. The information is clear and direct, to the point and easy to understand. And it is the quintessential addition to any Muslim home.

The manner in which we perform salaah was shown to us by the Prophet (SAW). He instructed the Companions to learn it from him, and others, in turn, took it from them. The Basics book on salaah serves to outline those teachings. This unique compilation includes some scenarios and details that are not commonly found in a beginner’s text, and as such is beneficial for Muslims of all ages.

The book on fasting details the fundamental rules regarding fasting that must be known and upheld by every Muslim. It also contains a special collection of frequently posed questions regarding fasting, with appropriate and verified answers.

These two new works are a collaborative effort between Shaikh Ismail Londt and Moulana Siraaj Girie who researched the content extensively and verified the answers. Moulana Siraaj is the administrator of and researcher in the Muslim Judicial Council’s Fatwa Department.

The first Basics book was written in 2011, and the series has grown over the past ten years to now consist of six titles. The latest additions are The Basics of Salāh and The Basics of Fasting, containing everything that every Muslim should know regarding salaah and fasting.

The complete series consists of the following titles:

  • The Basics of Islamic Belief;
  • An Introduction to the Holy Qur’an;
  • A description of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW);
  • Tahārah / Cleanliness, and the brand new titles,
  • The Basics of Salāh, and
  • The Basics of

This series of books is the essential syllabus on Islam for every Muslim home.

The books are available from the DU Centre’s Online Shop:

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Shops are welcome to become authorised resellers of all the DU Centre’s products. For more information on how to register as a reseller, contact 076 650 777.

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