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Sweet indulgence at Le Kreamery

July 1, 2020
July 1, 2020 July 1, 2020


We were visiting my cousin in Pretoria on a Sunday in February, and before heading home late ­afternoon, we decided to check out one of the local eateries.

Le Kreamery was the one that came recommended and from what I had seen of their Instagram page, I was eager to try it out. So, on went Google Maps and off we headed to Eldo Square, a small shopping centre where they are located.

The day was hot and we arrived at a cafe-style eatery that was busier than I expected for a Sunday afternoon. I was hoping for an airconned interior but, instead, they have several large fans mounted high on the walls, all blowing at full force.

If you sat out of range of the fans it was simply too hot so I put up with the slightly uncomfortable wind blowing on our table.

The menu is vast, with lots of interesting dishes, mostly western or fusion type food. They are particularly known for their decadent desserts, though, and I had made up my mind that dessert would have to be part of this meal.

The menu was filled with beautiful photographs of their dishes, which made it hard to decide. It was early for supper, though, and we were not yet that hungry so when Taufeeq decided all he wanted was dessert, we negotiated and decided he could have some of our mains if he would share his dessert.

Texan Cookie and Brownie Fries platter – Le Kreamery is well known for their innovative desserts. Photo DILSHAD PARKER

Seeing the size of his Texan Cookie and Brownie Fries platter, served with three sauces, there would be enough to go around.

We opted for the Alfredo pasta with chicken and the signature Jalapeno Kremo Burger, a cranberry and rose Granita and a coffee frappe. The burger was delicious. The steak nicely done and the sauce tasty with some bite.

When the Alfredo pasta came it looked almost nothing like the photo in the menu.

The expected grilled finish with charred and crunchy bits on top looked nothing like the creamy, unbaked and splattered dish that was presented.

I had made my choice based on the picture so my dissappointment ran deep.

My husband took one look at my face and knew what was coming. He promptly rolled his eyes and started eating rather than end up with cold food.

I addressed my issue with the pasta with my waiter, who brought the manager over. They explained that the dish I ordered was in fact the same thing as on the menu but it had been over-cooked that way for the pic.

They took my dish back to the kitchen and added some parmesan and grilled it slightly to bring it closer to my expectations. It didn’t really work but I must commend them for their willingness to try.

The taste of the pasta was delicious, though, and for someone who wasn’t that hungry, I polished it off with Taufeeq’s assistance.

Taufeeq’s dessert of brownie and cookie sticks was served on a wooden board with a shot glass of milk and three sauces, caramel, Kinder and Nutella. This a nice dessert to share but too much after a full meal as it’s really sweet. I would happily come for this as a coffee and dessert date, though.

I like that they innovate with their dishes. The desserts are different. Think, Pistachio Milk Cake, Smores served in a pan, Fried Oreo and Churros platter.

They have a healthy eating section, which includes Aubergine Parmigianna, Tahini Baked Carrot and Sweet Potato and Luxury Halloumi, Hummus and Avo Wrap. There’s a wide range of breakfast dishes, which includes a Bombay breakfast and Shakshouka.

Prices are on the high side. Desserts average R80, pasta R100, breakfast R65 though their fillet steak is on par with say a Spur, at R160.

While the aim of the menu is definitely upmarket, the ambiance and decor falls short.

The vibe is of a casual ice cream shop and eatery.

It was noisy due to the fans and the acoustics.

I felt like it needed some ambient music but the noise would cancel that out completely.

The tables and chairs, while neat and clean, were of chipboard and lacked the kind of polish to go with the menu.

The concept and food is great but I feel they would do well in a more upmarket location with more attention to their finishes in order to attract the market they are going for.

These more upmarket type of eateries are lacking in the halaal space and Le Kreamery could well fill that gap with some TLC.

This review is independent and meals were paid for. Dilshad Parker is owner and author of

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