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Waqf – a national people-centric drive

Adv AB MAHOMED SC MUSLIMS constitute 25% of the world’s population, endowed with 60% of the world’s natural resources but tragically constitute 80% of the world’s poor, deprived, subjugated and oppressed. As a balance sheet for the world of Islam, this state of affairs cannot be illustrated more eloquently. The

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Why don’t we listen?

JASMINE KHAN NOT so long ago, the sound of a ringing telephone was greeted with anticipation. Perhaps it would be a friend or family member just wanting to chat; it was a way of connecting personally and keeping in touch. I remember having Saturday night dates with a good friend.

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Relationships with older and adult children

FOUZIA RYKLIEF WHAT is our main purpose as parents but the most difficult? Letting go gradually in appropriate ways over our children’s growing years. Different skills are required by parents at different stages of a child’s development. The relationship changes as the child grows. It begins with a very hands-on

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