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The debate on open sacred spaces for women has always been open

Photo: Neil Falzon/Flickr

MAHMOOD SANGLAY INFORMED opinion, from diverse positions, has it that Dr Taj Hargey’s Open Mosque project offers nothing new or revolutionary. But it did offer ample bombast and offence to the Muslim leadership, the broader Muslim public and, particularly, Muslim gender activists. Muslim Views contacted Hargey by telephone for an interview. He took offence when I addressed him as ‘Mr Hargey’ and demanded that I address him as ‘Dr Hargey’. He added that I immediately apologise or else he would ‘terminate’ the conversation. My immediate response was to ask if he would decline an interview if not addressed as ‘Dr ... Read More »

Thinking through Isis in the context of Syria and Iraq

Umar Shaukat, Research Fellow at Africa Middle East Centre (AMEC). Photo Supplied

JAMEEL ASANI and KUNNUMMAL ASHRAF STUDY of Islam in the ­Department of Religion Studies at University of Johannesburg (UJ), in collaboration with The Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC), conducted a public seminar under the title ‘Thinking through Isis’ on Monday, September 29, 2014. Attended by about 80 people, the seminar was conducted in the context of recent developments in Syria and Iraq where Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) has captured large swaths of land in Iraq and Syria and declared what they claim to be an ‘Islamic State’ under the leadership of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, whom they regard ... Read More »

Is Israel guilty of genocide in its assault on Gaza?


The Russell Tribunal on Palestine, inspired by the 1967 inquiry into American war crimes in Vietnam, examined the case, writes RICHARD FALK. ON September 24, a special session of the Russell Tribunal critically scrutinised Israel’s 51-day assault on Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, from the perspective of international law, including the core allegation of genocide. The process involved a series of testimonies by legal and weapons experts, health workers, journalists and others, some of whom directly experienced the military assault. A jury composed of prominent individuals from around the world, known for their moral engagement with issues of the day, assessed ... Read More »

The Cape-Malaysian hajjah of uncommon valour

MAHMOOD SANGLAY THE impact of apartheid on the lives of people have been documented in some unusual ways. One such case is that of Hajjah Rabiah of Malaysia. Her story is part of a chapter in a joint publication by the South African High Commission in Malaysia and Limkokwing University. The book, Going Forward: South Africa and Malaysia Cementing Relations, was published in 2008 and edited by Muhammed Haron. However, Hajjah Rabiah’s story is also part of a larger narrative in which she emerged as an extraordinary victor over adversity. This narrative remains vibrant in the encounters she had with ... Read More »

The consciousness of Zionism in the eighties

The writer (left) in discussion with Shaikh M S Dien at the time when he was working on a biography of the Shaikh.
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DR MOGAMAT HOOSAIN EBRAHIM CURRENTLY, much is spoken of the Zionist movement and how it is oppressing the Palestinians. This consciousness of this settler-colonialist ­movement, however, was instilled in the local community many years ago by some of our scholars and Muslim student activists. Thirty years ago, Shaikh Muhammad Salie Dien warned Muslim students and the general public about the Zionists’ attack on Muslims, and their aims to infiltrate lands that belonged to Muslims. In the February 1980 edition of Muslim News, there appeared a front-page headline: ‘UCT Muslims in militant mood’. In the article, it was stated that there ... Read More »

The birds of Princess Vlei


THE birds of Princess Vlei were celebrated in the Flight of Dreams Carnival and Concert, held on September 27. Learners from Lotus High and John Graham Primary Schools had been hard at work from early the morning, adding finishing touches to their puppets. Learners from Hyde Park Primary, the St Cyprians Church Lads and Girls Brigade Band, the Mzantsi Carnival band, and other Princess Vlei Forum supporters, joined the colourful cavalcade that marched down First Avenue, Grassy Park, to nearby Princess Vlei. There, the crowd was entertained by a performance of The Great Bird Race, a Khoisan legend re-enacted by ... Read More »